1. Hebrew Reading

Our Hebrew reading curriculum - Aleph Champ - is the latest educational breakthrough around. Modeled after the Karate/Martial Arts motivational philosophy of color coded levels and testing, it provides excitement and inspiration, leading the student into a winning cycle of learning. Our students have mastered Hebrew reading in as little as 6 months!


2. Jewish Values & Ethics

Using the various textbooks, the students will read and discuss stories and case scenarios that have practical application to our everyday life. They will understand that our religion is based on a G-d given set of values and morals and that the “norm” is not always in the right.


3. History of the Jewish People, Israel

The children are introduced to the characters and stories of the Bible. They are given an overview of Jewish history starting with creation to the giving of the Torah to modern day Israel.


4. Holidays

Hands-on lessons on each Jewish holiday will fill the calendar as we proceed from Rosh Hashanah and the High Holidays through the holiday of Shavuot. The students will have a deeper understanding of each holiday and its traditions and customs. Chabad Hebrew School will also host holiday celebrations for our students and their families.


5. Arts and Crafts

Art projects are incorporated into our curriculum to add to the excitement of the upcoming holidays and Mitzvot. Our projects will have Jewish holiday and Mitzvot themes and will add a taste of Jewish life at home.


6. Extra Curricular

Chabad Hebrew School will offer a variety of extra curricular activities such as family fun days, trip to the Jewish Children's Museum and contests. These events will allow our students to experience Judaism in its entirety. A prize system based on in-class and out-of-class participation will allow students to reach different award levels and win prizes. 


Our philosophy is that it is most important for children to have a positive first experience in Hebrew School. We therefore go to great lengths to create a warm and exciting atmosphere in the classroom, incorporating art projects, songs, games and contests into all of our lesson plans. With this in mind we have nonetheless planned a full and thorough curriculum including the following subjects: 

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